"Since my first meeting with Partha in 2010, our association has grown by leaps and bounds and he is a trusted financial advisor and friend to me and my family.

He has helped me achieve many major life goals, before the age of 35:

  1. Buy my first flat
  2. Venture out on my own and set up my own business
  3. Travel on exotic vacations (Part of my bucket list)
  4. And still save quite a bit.

Though I had initially engaged with Partha to be my financial planner, he provides a sounding board for all that I want to achieve in career and personal life. I have not taken any rash decisions in life financially all thanks to him, but still enjoyed my life. He helped me understand the difference between saving and investing. More importantly, he helped me stay on track my financial and life goals.

I would recommend Partha to anyone who wants to take a long term view of their life goals and the financial support required to achieve them. And he is great with millennials and women. That is his USP."

- Human Resources professional with a decade of experience. Currently on a sabbatical.